Apexi PowerFC Repairs Now Available In-House at Rotary Performance

Posted by Chris Ott on

We love the Apexi PowerFC. No other engine management solution combines its features. With all this appreciation, nothing breaks your heart like when things go wrong. When they do, we can help. Most common mishaps can be repaired in house at Rotary Performance.


            • Injector driver failure (commonly secondary)
            • Radiator fan driver failure
            • Air pump driver failure
            • AC compressor signal driver failure
            • 2-speed fuel pump driver failure
            • Oil metering pump servo control failure


    There are other possibilities, but these are the most common. The only area we cannot repair is the processing or operating system. The usual symptom of this failure is a PowerFC that does not operate and is frozen in the boot up screen on the Commander. This is symptomatic of a failed main chip set. It is a large surface mounted CPU and is not practical to fix. Fortunately, it’s a rare problem usually found on boxes that were hard shorted from an under hood fire or from water damage. Of course, there is nothing to be lost by testing. Send us your non-functioning unit and we’ll see if it can be rejuvenated. There is no charge if it cannot be fixed (modest return shipping not included). The repairs are performed at a flat rate of $125. Call us so we can discuss the issue before shipping. Repairs are usually performed within one business week. Let us know how we can assist.



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