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We have had a rash of cars this week getting repairs which were more expensive than they needed to be. Customers often want to know how long they have before a costly service becomes imminent. While we understand the desire to get the most service life from parts, consideration must be given to additional damage that may be done by stretching the life of worn parts.

The most common example is a worn clutch. A customer comes in for other work and we notice that their clutch slips fairly easily. Knowing that replacing their clutch is a pretty expensive periodic maintenance, customers often try to "get by" with the problem as long as they can.

Waiting until your car's clutch make the car not drivable often creates two new expenses: a flywheel, and a towing bill. The per mile cost of delaying that clutch repair if often quite high when you add these new expenses. Over the years we have talked to many customers who were stranded by mechanical failures that we had warned them about. I cannot recall any of them being glad that they waited because the complete failure came at a more convenient time!

Everyone's got a budget and has things to do. Budgeting for things like future vehicle maintenance expenses may seem like it is tying up resources, but it will likely save you money when the time comes. I like it anytime I can reduce the cost of a repair and / or avoid financing anything.

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