Twin Turbo Downpipe

Twin Turbo Downpipe

  • $ 26900

The RP 3” downpipe for twin turbo equipped FD’s is a mainstay of the RX-7 reliability modifications. The elimination of the pre-catalyst significantly lowers under-hood temperatures and increases horsepower. This is a high ‘bang for the buck’ modification appropriate for any twin turbo FD. It is made in the U.S.A. and in-house designed for perfect fit and durability. ½” flanges and good hardware fitment are is the centerpiece of this design. The oxygen sensor has been relocated downstream about 6-inches and installed vertically. This improves sensor life and ease of service. Add a hardware and gasket kit and go. Gaskets are available individually.

Note: Only for left hand drive vehicles!!!

* One-piece 3” stainless steel mandrel tubing

* Eliminates pre-catylist catalyst

* Factory like fitment

* ½ pro-fit flanges

* O2 fitting included

* Bolts to main cat or mid-pipe

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