Tein Coilover Kit

Tein Coilover Kit

  • $ 1,05450

Coil over suspension kits are a great way to upgrade the springs and struts at the same time. The Flex-Z package is ideal for street cars and weekend racers. This system has 16 dampening settings, unlimited ride height and unlimited spring preload adjustment. This is a no regrets purchase. If you add the cost of Mazda struts, new springs and new strut mounts, the Tein Flex-Z system becomes a real value. Add the optional Tein EDFC electronic dampening controller to add cockpit adaptability for the dampening rate.

* Quality Japanese construction

* Spring and strut upgrade in one

* Powder coated construction

* 16 position linear dampening adjustment

* Adjustable preload

* Adjustable ride height

o +1.3” to -4.0” front / +0.0" to -3.8" rear (1993-1995 RX-7)

o  +0.0” to -3.1” front / -.5" to -2.5" rear  (2004-11 RX-8)

* EDFC compatible

* Outstanding value

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