RP Intercooler

  • $ 89500

The Rotary Performance Intercooler is another part of the AltiMax system that is well designed. Its high efficiency core is large, but also packaged to allow clearance for a full sized battery and the stock air box. The shape of the end tanks and size of the core merge to form an intercooler that flows better than many ‘famous brand’ front mount units with all the advantages of utilizing the stock location. The brackets for the stock or RP air separator tank attach to threaded inserts and even the stock air duct bolts to its front side. Stock, or RP polished aluminum pipe kits couple directly to the end tanks.

At Rotary Performance, we are believers in stock mount intercoolers – especially for street driven cars. The difficulties of making air conditioning function well, getting adequate airflow to the radiator and reduced risk of road hazard damage to both the intercooler and the radiator makes a standard mount the nominal choice. Most front mounts require cutting of the polyurethane bumper too. To us, front mounts are usually only a preferred choice for full time drag race or show cars.

* 50% more cooling area

* 19% more flow than stock

* Allows full size battery and any intake system

* Threaded inserts to attach air duct and/or air separator tank brackets

* Works with stock or the RP pipe kit

* High performance and safe from damage

* No trimming of bumper skin

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