FD Fuel Rail + 2200cc Injectors

  • $ 15995
  • Save $ -15995

Our skinny fuel rail may look tame but it is part of a no compromise solution for 3rd gen fuel systems. This tubular steel rail bolts in the stock location, has clearance for emission components and twin-turbo plumbing, can be used with the factory fuel fittings and regulator, and retains the fuel temperature sensor. A simple and effective rail that anyone can install.

Paired with 2200cc high-impedance injectors, you will have enough fuel for 550 rwhp while retaining stock primary fuel injectors for smooth idle / cruise performance and easy emission compliance. Add larger primary injectors if you need even more. Note: Requires programmable engine management (PowerFC, Haltech, etc.)

* Doubles the fuel injector volume

* Designed for 2200cc injectors

* Connects to stock fuel banjo and regulator

* Allows retention of all emission components

* Zinc plated in black or yellow gold

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