Bosch 2200cc injector

  • $ 17500
  • Save $ 1000

We've all heard how good things come in small packages. This is perhaps the finest example. When Bosch released these injectors, the motorsport world changed. Look at the specs: 

  • 2200cc flow at our 42psi
  • High impedance for matching to all programmable ECU solutions
  • Factory Mazda injector connection
  • Quality Bosch original product

When changing a 1993+ RX-7, we're going from an 850cc injector. That's a 250% increase in capacity. Capable of supporting virtually any power application. The short packaging allows the injector to be combined with our groundbreaking RP billet 2200cc injector rail. Make sure to consider our RP competition Denso fuel pump for added capacity. Shipped with new high durometer inlet o-ring, Mazda lower seal and an e-clip for the neck. Be assured, our injectors are certain to be authentic Bosch and ready for action.

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