Oil Cooler Thermostat

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Heat is a formidable enemy for the RX-8. In a rotary engine, a large portion of the engine cooling occurs in the oil cooler. The RX-8 oil coolers are quite large, but there is a thermostatic bypass in them which prevents them from operating until the oil gets up to temperature. It is important that they regulate the temperature, or else the oil can become excessively cold in winter weather.

Mazda calibrated them to a scaldingly high temperature (220F) for federal emission reasons. A more sensible opening temperature of 165 degrees will help extend the life of the engine.

(Also see the "Cooling Fan Relay Kit" for the RX-8)

Note: This thermostat also works with the 1993-1995 RX-7 oil cooler(s). Remember: There is one in each cooler!

* Lower oil temperatures

* Longer engine life

* Ideal for 2004-11 RX-8 (Also fits 1993-1995 RX-7)

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