Mishimoto Radiator

Mishimoto Radiator

  • $ 39500

The heart of your cooling system is the radiator. Many other replacement radiators have poor fitment. Some ‘low cost’ ones need require reworking and welding repairs before being installed. Mishimoto makes the best fitting replacement in the market. This design uses a core with almost 50% more columns than the original. This allows much more contact with air to exchange heat.

This all aluminum radiator has excellent fitment and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The one gripe we have with the Mishimoto is the improperly sized fitting that connects to the air separator tank. Until the manufacturer changes their design, we will TIG weld the right fitting onto the tank before we ship or install these units.

* All aluminum construction

* Wider core

* Excellent fitment

* Highly polished end tanks

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