• $ 34900

Upgrading your clutch is one of the best ways to ensure you get all your power to the wheels. At some point, your power upgrades will eventually get to a point where more grip is a necessity. We offer two Exedy/Daikin solutions. To introduce Exedy and Daikin, they are the backbone of the Japanese OEM and high performance world. Their clutches are installed on almost every Japanese made car. Their high performance offerings bring high quality at a very reasonable price. The Stage I presented is the same clutch which came on the 1997+ RX-7's in Japan. As most of you are aware, the development of the RX-7 continued all the way until 2002. As power increased, so did the clamping ability of the standard clutch. The Stage II is a purpose built high performance clutch from their Exedy Division. It has more clamping force and a stickier disc. We use the Stage I on stock and up to 325HP at the wheel applications. The Stage II is for up to 450~500HP at the wheels. Both are organic clutches so driveability is not sacrificed. Both come complete with a release bearing, pilot bearing, seal and alignment tool.

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