Trouble Codes?

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We have had a rash of questions this week about Tuning Valve troubles in RX-8's. I thought I would take a few minutes to start some support documentation:

P0661 / P0662: SSV Solenoid: This solenoid controls the flow of vacuum to the SSV Valve Diaphragm and is the center of the three valves on the back of the engine -- near the oil filter. The connector is white. It is difficult to reach the connections to test this solenoid while installed on the car, but the resistance should be around 30 ohms. Anything above 40 ohms will often trigger a CEL (Check Engine Light). Sometimes there are other troubles in the SSV system; see SSV Switch, and SSV Valve, for more information.

The SSV Switch: This switch detects the actual movement of the SSV Valve. The SSV Valve and related switch are located in the intake manifold behind the thermostat housing. The SSV valve is a barrel valve inside the manifold that faces front to rear, and the switch detects the movement from closed to open. There should be continuity (0-3 ohms) when the SSV is in it's nominal position (closed). When the valve is opened, the resistance should be infinite. It is not proportional to how much the valve is opened. Check to make sure that the valve is moving smoothly throughout its range and that the switch works consistently.

The SSV Valve (as described above) can become dirty and fail to rotate smoothly -or at all. Cleaning this valve on the car is not vary practical, and you will likely flood the engine by spraying carburetor cleaner and lubricants down the intake. Additionally, solvents tend to liquify the carbon and wash it into tight places causing the valve to jam again after it drys. The best answer is to remove the valve assembly, clean it and the cavity it fits into, and reinstall it.

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