Machining Services

  • $ 17500

Rotary Performance is proud to announce the availability of in-house CNC machining services. We are currently offering:

  • 3mm Rotor Grooving
  • Engine Pinning
  • Nikki Carburetor Enlargement

Engine rotors newer than 1985 all use 2mm apex seals. For all RX-7 engines newer, we offer precision machining to allow for the use of Mazda, or your preference of aftermarket 3mm apex seals.  *Price is for modifying 1 engine rotor*

For increasing the strength of engine blocks, we have made pinning services available. Special fixtures are used to hold each of the engine to ensure perfect alignment of the new holes with very tight tolerances. *Price is for modifying 1 complete 2-rotor engine*

The four venturi of Nikki carburetors can be enlarged to allow for about 65cfm of airflow. This modification, with jetting changes, allows for significant horsepower increases while maintaining the smooth operation of the original equipment carburetor.  *Price is for modifying 1 carburetor body*


*** Prices do not include return shipping. A separate invoice for return shipping will be generated *** 

*** For more more information on these and other machining services contact us at or at 972.530.3335 ***

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