Cleanable Air Filter

Cleanable Air Filter

  • $ 7748

Good air filtration is extremely important for maximizing the service life of any engine. Efficient filtering is also required to maintain fuel efficiency and low emissions. Our washable cotton based filters are a great choice for stock, or nearly stock RX-7’s. They are a performance replacement that is also the last filter that you will need to buy; you simply wash and re-oil them when they become soiled. Paper filters trap dirt with small pores, cotton media filters attract dirt to their oily fibers.

For the RX-8, we recommend our washable replacement over any other intake system. We have found no horsepower advantage by having an open element type filter –just a lot of noise from the intake at wide throttle angles.

* Maintain or increase fuel economy

* Small performance boost

* Eliminate a disposable part

* Maximize engine life

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