Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump

  • $ 29900

7-6-23 Denso has a nationwide shortage on full-sized pumps. We are looking to import more from Japan. Stay tuned...

Your modified rotary is at risk without adequate fuel delivery. Without enough volume and pressure, injector sizing and tuning do not matter. The stock pump is good for about 275~300 rwhp. Above that, you will need a bigger pump. Also, an old pump will likely flow less than when new. This time-tested kit bolts in just like a stock pump yet delivers 40% more than the stock pump --enough fuel for 450 rwhp. Also included is a ground update, hardware and a properly sized install o-ring. Everything needed for an easy home install.

There is more that you need to know to make and keep your FD’s fuel system safe and reliable. Click here to read more.

* Bolts in like a stock pump

* Super reliable dual-stage pump design

* For up to 450 rwhp

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