Complete Fuel Injector Pigtail Set (89-95 RX7)

  • $ 6500

Anyone who has serviced RX-7's eventually comes face to face with broken electrical connectors. Mazda has never offered repair parts for their electrical harnesses. Unfortunately we have always had to either replace the complete harness or to individually labor through fixing connectors one by one. Here comes a godsend for those in need. This is a set of four injector connectors. The wires and pins are crimped and soldered. These are also waterproof weather pack connections. They have been made as simple as possible with wiring colors EXACTLY like Mazda. Included is a legend with the color codes defining the specific intended injector. 

Remember: This is exclusively for the 1989-95 RX-7's. Will not work on any earlier cars or rectangular injector connections.

  • Soldered, crimped and weather packed
  • Mil spec easily soldered wiring
  • Perfect fit for all oval style RX-7 injectors

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