Rotary Performance Catalytic Converter

  • $ 42000
  • Save $ 7500

Many of us live in an area that requires emission compliance. Also, having a car that does not have the pungent exhaust smell of a cat-less car can grow old. For those wanting the best converter available, look no further. This is a converter we designed from a clean sheet. It has highly durable free flowing ceramic substrates with a custom loading of platinum, palladium and rhodium. Our formulation exceeds most OEM loadings. Also, these substrates are wrapped in stainless steel mesh to suspend them in their housing firm and durably. The flow is far greater than the original. We've used this design with great success for over 15 years. Expect a 10~20HP gain, depending on other upgrades. You will be impressed.

Note: Legal for street vehicles in all states, except California.

  • over 18 pounds lighter than stock (18.75 lighter (12.35 v 31.1))
  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Significant improvement in flow over the original

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